Phoot Camp 2014 Roster

They’re all so DAMN GOOD. I’m so excited and proud to be a part of this group.


It’s damn near impossible to decide who comes to Phoot Camp. We look through hundreds of self-portraits and essays, but also dig deeper into applicants’ websites and portfolios. We think about factors like talent, experience, personality, initiative, body of work, and diversity. We look to see if…

Michelle Alexis Newman, ya know, WERKIN’ IT.

Palm Springs, CA
August 2013

Jeremiah & Caitlin

Stahl House
Los Angeles, CA
May 2013

Going through the archives and came across these lovelies

Vic & Beto
San Diego, CA
December 2011

A shot from a recent fashion shoot
Photography: Kristina YamamotoModel: Mio WhiteClothing design: Annalynn LuuMake up: Danielle HenryHair: Badri KermaniAssistance: Lisa Kimberly View high resolution

A shot from a recent fashion shoot

Photography: Kristina Yamamoto
Model: Mio White
Clothing design: Annalynn Luu
Make up: Danielle Henry
Hair: Badri Kermani
Assistance: Lisa Kimberly

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